You may have heard of engineering as a career, but wonder just what engineers do. Essentially, engineers make a difference in the world by turning ideas, your ideas or someone else's, into reality. How do we accomplish this? Through the use of math, science and computers to solve problems. What kinds of problems? Nearly any kind you can think of – from those of enormous proportions (think building a dam or monitoring biological systems) to those of the most minuscule (think manipulating nanoscale particles).

The University of Arkansas College of Engineering is the only comprehensive engineering college in the state where you can get an accredited undergraduate degree in any of these areas:

  • Biological Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Whichever area you choose, engineering is a broad, flexible field full of diverse options. And you don't have to decide immediately which area is right for you. Our Freshman Engineering Program gives you the time and knowledge needed to make a truly informed decision. You might choose to work in a corporation, pursue entrepreneurial research or apply your engineering background to a career in law, medicine or business. Starting salaries for engineering undergraduates average between $51,632 and $63,165.

The College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas is the only comprehensive engineering program in the state that offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees. Our undergraduate engineering programs are also ABET-accredited, which means you can be sure your degree is recognized and respected by industry and academia.

We have a lot to share about the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas. Most recently, our undergraduate program was ranked for the first time by the U.S. News and World Report "America's Best Colleges" guide.

  • The College of Engineering is the only ABET-accredited program in the state that offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.
  • We offer engineering degrees in traditional disciplines, but we also feature multidisciplinary initiatives like biomedical engineering, homeland security, microelectronics, nanotechnology and environmental engineering.
  • We've been educating engineers for more than 100 years.
  • Our grads are in business and academia around the world.
  • Top companies offer our students jobs, research, internship and co-op opportunities.
  • We consistently compete in and win national engineering competitions.
  • A $300 million gift from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation, along with an unprecedented fundraising campaign, is providing scholarships, honors college opportunities and the best faculty from around the world.
  • A couple of years ago, Harvard was shut out of the Rhodes Scholarship and Yale was passed over for the Marshall Scholarship – students at the University of Arkansas won one of each.
  • If you're motivated, you'll be able to pursue research as an undergrad, working along with involved, friendly faculty.
  • Faculty members hire undergrads to work in their labs.
  • We're home to the Chemical Hazards Research Center, which operates the world's largest ultra-low-speed environmental wind tunnel.
  • The High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC) is a class-100 electronic production clean room for semiconductor processing, device testing and advanced electronic packaging.
  • Our undergrad labs have all the latest technology.
  • A campus of nearly 20,000 people means lots of interesting people from many disciplines with something going on all the time.
  • An engineering college of 1,800 with 100 faculty means individual attention, small class sizes and a faculty advisor for every student.
  • We attract the same research funding as a huge university, but we feel more like a small town.
  • Northwest Arkansas is home to the headquarters of Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt.
  • Fayetteville ranked 23rd out of the 40 best college towns in America, according to Outside magazine.
  • The Walton Arts Center hosts world-class musicals, concerts and cultural events.
  • We're an urban haven surrounded by lakes, forests and the largest mountain range between the Appalachians and the Rockies.
  • But we're not isolated – Kansas City, Tulsa and Little Rock are within 3 hours and Dallas, Memphis and St. Louis are within 6.
  • Campus life, with Division I sports, is a blast – and don't forget fraternities, sororities and clubs!
  • Every season is distinct, each with fun things to do like sledding, hiking, biking or camping.
  • You'll notice that it's easy to get to know people.
  • The University of Arkansas is home to years of proud tradition.
  • The University of Arkansas is ranked one of "America's 100 Best College Buys," and was ranked 45th of the "Best Values in Public Colleges," according to Kiplinger's Personal Finance.
  • We offer numerous scholarships.
  • We also offer plenty of work-study, co-op and internship opportunities.
  • Don't rule out a college loan – remember the average starting salary for engineers ranges between $51,632 and $63,165.
  • The College of Engineering boasts nearly 100% placement for graduates.
  • The College and the University have close relationships with many successful, nationwide corporations as well as small businesses and start-up companies.
  • Engineering graduates have a much higher average starting salary then graduates of many other degrees.


National Average*

Biological $55,699
Chemical $66,058
Civil $52,085
Computer $62,849
Electrical $60,411
Industrial $57,627
Mechanical $60,142

*National Association of Colleges and Employers September 2011

Non-Engineering Majors

Business $45,915
Humanities/Social Sciences $36,931
Communications $34,497
Education $34,216
Spring 2009 Salary Survey National Association of Colleges and Employers

An engineering degree from the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas will take you where you want to go – and you'll have fun along the way.



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